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YUP... You read that right!
Due to recent events we have decided to merge our boutiques and therefore consolidate our assets! 
I am a mom of 3, 2 girls and my not so little baby boy. When I built Little Dream Weavers... I built this business around the, They are my dream. They are my inspiration. They are my world and my "why" of doing the business. That is where the name Little Dream Weavers came from. My kids. 
My hope is that this name to move forever whether you use it now and sell it again later on but I would love to see it keep moving forward to the direction that I dreamed for it to be, a successful business!
This business was built under the concept of sleepwear. DREAM. pajamas, nursery, sleep accessories. But the concept is so much more and I know YOU can do great things with it more than pajamas and beyond that. Do you dare to dream?
This is the year for online business!
With the ever changing world around us, YOU do not need to waste time thinking of logos, finding a concept that works, figuring out the color scheme, figuring out how and where to start! I just save you TONS of time!!
what would you get with this package?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - we all know how powerful social media is! From IG, FB and Pinterest... trust me I know! No need to start from scratch with building your IG presence. Simply announce your re-opening or re-launch and hype it up with your story and why you decided to take this route,.. YOU truly got this! Don't start from ZERO... Start from 1K instead and build some more. I have a FB page that is connected as well. It only has 118 followers because I did not built it more than I wanted to instead I focused on my other business..... but at leas tyou do not have to start from scratch! FB Page is just a PLUS to add and able to generate FB ads if needed. YOU can build it more than you can imagine! 


  • Email List - If you don't know it yet, email list is you money maker! It is you ATM! Think of it as $1 for every email.... that's how much it is worth and that is why building an email list to the ground is very difficult. But with this YOU do not need to. This comes with 500 EMAIL LIST

  • Shopify - you already see the benefit of shopify! We include shopify help. Let us help you rebuild your business. Let us help guide you launch your NEW store!!


We have outsourced our business and evaluated its value!

1 Business Name
Instagram Account
Pinterest Account
Facebook Page
Email Provider

Email List
Shopify Help


Get launched sooner than later and start selling and therefore generate income faster without wasting money and time!


Bring your offers in.... 


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