Why choose bamboo fabric?


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on earth.

  • It is tremendously strong, pest resistant and does not require any fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. 
  • Bamboo does not require replanting, once the shoots are cut to their base,  the bamboo re-grows from new shoots.


Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than the finest organic cotton. They take in three times more water than its weight which means, once made into a fabric, it  is able to get rid of moisture faster.

Bamboo clothing offers built-in temperature control.

  • It traps warm air in its cross-sectional fibers to keep you warm in the winter,  its breathable nature gives greater comfort in hot times.
  • After processing, the bamboo fiber does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Hypoallergenic -  soft fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, moisture- absorbent and quick drying. 
  • Bamboo can look and feel like silk or very soft cotton.
  • This eco fabric will also protect you from the sun with its UV resistant qualities.

Bamboo also has many antibacterial qualities. Even through multiple washing, bamboo fabric helps reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and cause unpleasant odors. It can also kill odor causing bacteria that live on human skin, making the wearer and his or her clothing smell sweet.


Source: Bamboo